Rivet Journal

"Getting Closer to It," Issue 3- named "Readers Pick" ; "Northern Mockingbird," Issue 10


"Wolves Change Rivers"; "This World"


"Ode to Krispy Kreme,Issue 226

Arsenic Lobster

"Drown," Issue 37

2 Bridges

"History is Made by the Viktors", available in print only.


"Unrequited," Issue 5


"How History is Made, Franklin's 1845  Lost Expedition," available in print only   

Writers Resist

"Wreak," Issue 48                                    

Sport Literate

"Three Football Poems," available in print only

Rise Up Review

"Trump Poem"

IDK Magazine

"What Jealousy Does" and "Train Nigun," Issue 4


"Grief," "Accidentally Crashing a Resort Gathering in Tiberias, Israel Where Tourists Read Letters From the Dead," and "Civic Duty"


"Undeliverance," April 2018

Midwestern Gothic

Spite as an American Value, available in print only

Forklift, Ohio

Still Life of a Repo Without a Tow Truck, available in print only

Hysterical Rag

Straw Millennial , To the Man who Messaged Me Years Ago on a Dating App to Say I’d Probably Die of Breast Cancer Because I was a Jew, Almost Going Blind with Jun Kaneko, Forthcoming online

Glass, A Journal of Poetry

Postpartum Moon, September 2019

Orange Blossom Review

First Lesson in Violence, The End of the World, July 2019